Send me a day in YOUR D/s life!

Inspired by this post, and as a further way of countering Fifty Shades and other media misrepresentations of living in a Dominance/submission dynamic, and to inspire and inform other kinksters new and experienced, I’m collecting accounts of a day in the life of real people living real D/s. The accounts will be posted on a blog–—by Valentine’s Day 2015.

(No one’s making money here or exploiting anyone or anything–this is purely for entertainment and educational purposes. I think the results will be fascinating to both kinksters and non-kinksters alike.)

I’d love it if you wanted to share a bit of your own life and story. Here’s how to do it:

Send me an account of a day (one real day) in your actual life—or it can be just part of a day. For that day, write down what you do: both the things related to your dynamic and the other activities and responsibilities of the life you lead. For example, mine today might look like this:

6 AM                        Kids wake up early. Resettle them, then snuggle back into bed with Daddy.

6:30 AM             Can’t fall back to sleep, so ask Daddy permission to jill off while kissing his body. Half-asleep, he mumbles, “Of course, baby,” so I do, then curl up next to him and fall asleep.

8 AM                        Wake up for real. Wake Daddy up by sucking his cock a little.

8:30 AM            Go for a run with Daddy and talk about plans for upcoming kink activities.

9 AM                        Shower with Daddy.

9:30 AM            Make sure Daddy approves of my outfit. He does, but partly because we need to get going and he wants me to hurry up.

10 AM                         Take the kids sledding.

NOON            Go out for lunch. Encourage Daddy order something decadent that he wants. Have him help me order something that will help me stick to my diet.

1:30 PM            Grocery shopping and errands and trudging through the snow.

4 PM            Spend some time online emailing the couple we might play with next month while the kids play and Daddy fixes the dryer.

5 PM            Start dinner. Fetch Daddy his beer, then tell him what to chop and dice, because he’s my sous chef.

6 PM            Dinner with the family.

7 PM            Put kids to bed. Daddy brushes their teeth while I get their outfits out for tomorrow.

8 PM            Read the Sunday paper.

10 PM            Head up to get ready for bed. Daddy and I take off each other’s clothes for one another every night.

10:30 PM            Sigh happily as I feel the physical comfort of Daddy’s body next to me. Wait for him to tell me how he wants to fuck me tonight.

I am looking for stories from all genders, styles, ages and experiences of D/s. Accounts from both D-types and s-types are most welcome (just let me know which one you are if it isn’t clear from your account). In your account, you can call your partner Master or Mister or Lady or slave or girl or baby or dirty pig or, you know, Susie Lou—whatever style and name you use in your own life. Or maybe you’re a single D- or s-type right now; that’s cool, too, as long as something about how you live your daily life reflects your kink identity.

All accounts will be posted anonymously: choose how you want to be identified and just let me know (e.g., Master 27, slave jane, O’s Boi, GJ, Harry).

To participate, send me your day’s account no later than February 5. You can PM me on Fetlife (I’m AuraB), or email me at


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